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Must-see sights in Budapest


Jewish Quarter

Budapest Jewish Quarter has always been the coolest part of the city. There are many must-see sights in Budapest, but it’s more than that. It’s the vibe—the authentic, local feel to it. You can experience the gritty side of Budapest, together with astonishing synagogues and a fascinating and tragic history of the Jewish people, who, before the Holocaust, were a big majority here. As Hungary lost about 650,00 Jews in the Holocaust, the numbers are much smaller today. However, the Jewish community is very vibrant and active in Budapest and still adds significantly to its distinctive spirit.

Alice in the Wonderland mural
Tree of Life monument, one of the must-see sights in Budapest


Budapest Jewish Quarter is also an incredible mix of history and urban culture. The street art, from beautiful big murals to small, intriguing stickers, adds another layer of cool to this part of the city. When you wander around these streets, time passes quickly as you encounter more and more hidden treasures. Last but not least are the famous ruin bars, such a distinctive part of Budapest. Led by Szimpla Kert, the coolest one, they add a whole new dimension to the “Party District,”  as this part of the city is called.

Jewish History
Street Art
Party District
A nighttime view from the Chain Bridge


at night

Budapest at night is truly an incredible sight. Light reflected from the beautiful buildings or the Danube River gives it a magical aura that makes it very different from when it’s seen during the day. On this tour, we check out all the main attractions: Gellert Hill with the Statue of Liberty, Royal Palace, Matthias Church, and Fishermen Bastion on the Buda side, Klotild Palaces, Parizsi Udvar, Vigado, Gresham Palace, and St. Stephen’s Basilica on the Pest side. These are all the must-see sights in Budapest. We’ll see many statues, big and small, and historic bridges, led by the magnificent Chain Bridge. We’ll talk about everything: history, people, funny stories and facts, food and drinks… And then, there is the Parliament, the most incredible sight of them all!

Ruby, Perth

It was like walking through Budapest in the evening with a knowledgeable and informative good friend. George is very personable and speaks perfect English. He gives a great local perspective, excellent recommendations, and is just lovely. Excellent guide and an evening very well spent.”