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Frequently Asked Questions About the Tours

Street art in the Jewish Quarter is extraordinary

Are "free tours" really free?

Free tours as a concept are getting more and more popular every day. The idea is simple: don’t charge people a fixed amount of money upfront, but let them tip, at the end of the tour, depending on their budget and, most importantly, how much they enjoyed the tour. That way, everybody can join and guides are eager to do the best job they can. This kind of tour of Budapest offers the top experience.


Is booking the tour necessary?

Yes! When you make a booking, it is confirmed via WhatsApp or email. If you don’t book but just show up, the guide might not be there.


Do you do tours on major holydays?

Yes! No matter what the holidays are, we are doing the tours according to the given schedule (look at the booking page).


Do tours depend on the weather?

No! If you’ve received confirmation, our guide will show up, ready to do the tour. In extreme weather, the guide will discuss the situation with the group and try to find a solution that is agreeable to everybody (possibly postponing the start of the tour, for example). If you have booked the tour but decided not to come, please let us know.


What kinds of payment do you accept?

At the moment only cash.

Cameron, Digne

I went with 10 friends, and we all had an amazing time! George was so passionate and hilarious. Such an entertaining tour; 10/10 would recommend everyone to do this tour with George.”